Big Sky Bakery, Inc. is a product of the delicious efforts of Kristen Priebe and Rachel Shureb. As pairs go, we are like cookies and cream… sweet and salty… pie and ice cream! Our bakery brings together the best qualities of both of us. We are a pair of mothers who believe in the simple notion that the foods we eat should create a taste and texture sensation worthy of savoring.

Big Sky Bakery began out of our passion to create delicious sweets and the desire to be home to raise our children. We each have 4 children, making 8 young birthdays to celebrate! So, at this point, we do not have a store front. We work in the basement at Bridger Kulinary Centre during school hours to create your special orders and to fill orders for the stores around the valley that carry our cookies, caramels and caramel corns. Inspired by our family recipes, all of our desserts have been created to bring you GREAT TASTE using the finest natural ingredients, just like Grandma used. Therefore, every Big Sky Bakery treat has been carefully crafted from the best ingredients nature has to offer.

We value children and healthy families. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes to Feed the Children and Haven. We believe that our bakery can make a positive impact on others’ lives.

​ Sweet memories involving homemade desserts have us smiling and we want to share a taste of that with you. Call us to order desserts for your next family gathering, birthday party or anniversary celebration. Or just to bring home your favorite treat to dip in a cold glass of milk. May your memories be sweetened by Big Sky Bakery! Enjoy and… taste the difference.